Eternity Ends Now

by CyReign

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released December 27, 2016



all rights reserved


CyReign Belgrade, Serbia

A five-piece band from Belgrade, Serbia, assembled on April, 2007. After a few lineup changes band takes it's final form in november 2010.

Formerly known as Star Scream.

By combining all of their interests, thoughts and ideas, they were able to develop their own music style which is mostly influenced by mainstream metal and that has been labeled Cyreign as metalcore-melodic death metal band.
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Track Name: Dead Bride
Dead Bride

Dead eyes that stared into the night
beyond the light ,beyond the smile,
angel of my dreams become demon of my fears
you stand,now I will suffer defeat

For this pain deep inside
there's no pride
you're my dead bride

Black veil on your face I place
kissing one last rose with grace
in your darkened shrine ,once more
feel my cold embrace

For this pain deep inside
there's no pride
you're my dead bride

I see your black heart taking me
I feel arms embracing me
This grave now I dig for you
Dead bride you'll forever be

For this pain deep inside
there's no pride
you're my dead bride
Track Name: Guiding Light
Guiding Light

To dry the essence of a tired mind....
As I walk the darkest path of my life
Trying to stand tall (stand tall)
The darkened heart of this world
Whispered nevermore...
But if you seek the solace in me,
Know that you'll never find
But don't stop, never kneel, it will surely heal...
Walk the path...
To dry the essence of a tired soul, tired mind
Only flesh is there...

And this war will never end,
And my soul becomes the sand
In this life what I've search for is too far away
But if you die in quest for me
Know I will not shed a tear
For you I've bled, but no more I will...
Not be left alone...
Walk the path...
To dry the essence of a tired soul, tired mind
Only flesh is there but that being is no more...

In my dreams you are my guiding light (guiding light)
Alone I must face the fight...(face the fight)
Praying and screaming for you as you walk in the night...
(walk the night)...
The distance of two lonely hearts (lonely hearts)...
In my dreams you are my
Track Name: Pray For The Sane
Pray For The Sane

Pray for the sane and weep for the weak
A ford you I stand my creator
With my head up high
I won't stand in the line for slaughter
From my thoughts deprived
Take a better look at your creations
Abominations of nature
Holy wars are destroying the nations
All in your name
From the throne ignorant kings
Preach war to kill even more
As long as the gain is there
The sane will ignore it all

Pluck my eyes
Blinded I won't see the pain (pray for the sane)
Create war to die for (the sake of the game)
Blinded I won't see the pain (pluck my eyes)
And pray, pray for the sane
In the name of God the say form without meaning
Money driven, the bless is god given
Need no remorse, need no forgivin'
Everything is bought, everything sold
Everyone has it's own price,
Prayers obsolete who needs them
Just roll the dice

Deception on every step I see
Corruption through the heart of the weak
They are preaching what they what us to hear
But behind solitude and walls of shame
their words are burning
Untamed have we become as we pray for the sane
Track Name: My Disciple
My Disciple

Ashes falls on my cold, dead skin
From skies of sorrow am I made within
You were my disciple, you were my friend
Now when it's all over take me to that bitter end

NOW as I stand on this end alone
And resisting the pain, that is now to strong
SO I release to this world again
Scorn me and fucking rise



Fallen, you are fallen, fallen, to be in
Fallen, you are fallen, fallen, to be in HELL
The concrete I've walked is blacked by dawn
My shadow is old, deceased I'm gone
When you were disciple, when you were a friend
Now it's all over I am at that bitter end